Apparently I forgot I had a blog. Terrible!

Anyway, lots of things are happening, most notably, I’m getting involved in a lot of science communication activities outside of my regular science communication work. I love that I am making a difference in the world.

I’ve also turned thirty, which feels great. My goals for this year are to be good to myself and to be honest with others. I have worried about “ageing out” of being relevant. The idea of getting older and having people dismiss my ideas because I’m from a different generation scares me.

What does that have to do with honesty? I’m giving the people in my life the befit of the doubt. They want to stay relevant. Isn’t it better to have a gentle, private conversation about a word or concept, rather than letting someone get so far away from the truth? I know I want to be trusted to take constructive feedback well. So, I’m trying to have these conversations often and painlessly. 

Maybe we will avoid another Trump situation if we all pitch in. The little things add up.

What are your late 2016 goals?

Also, I painted this and I’m pretty pleased with myself.