500+ sheets of paper on my desk; an exercise in making excuses

Spoiler alert – I am great at getting things done, but I am also great at pushing my own needs to the back burner.

Hence the long pause in posts.

Here is a summary of my last month, some of which may be expanded upon in this blog:

  • Recruited, trained, and monitored 30 new volunteers at work
  • Came up with a recurring training plan for past and current volunteers
  • Participated in Science World after Dark
  • Went to Cafe Scientifique
  • Went to a Nerd Nite
  • Caught up on Cosmos
  • Successfully planned our input for Alumni Weekend at UBC
  • Put in several extra days of work
  • Cleaned out a multipurpose office, moved into said office, and organized all of the papers inside
  • Oh, and, I got a promotion at work

I just received my business cards, so it’s official.

Its been a whirlwind of amazing positivity and huge stressors, but I am super refreshed and inspired by it. Hopefully, detailed posts will follow.