The art and science (dis)connection

I have had interesting (and not interesting) conversations about the separation of art and science over the years.

Last evening, I went to an exhibition opening where 20 artists invited a friend to show one piece along one of theirs, that commented on it. Really great concept! There was beautiful, lively conversation all night.

One of the pieces featured forced perspective, much like a piece in the Hotel Georgia lobby. I kept thinking about all of the physics, planned or stumbled on, that go into a successful piece of that nature.

Why do many people view the arts and sciences as separate? I don’t understand how we can “discredit” the validity of art focused projects.

Science is figuring out how the world works – art is explaining the world we know. Without both, it would be hard to understand one or the other. [Paraphrased from Adam Savage’s TEDtalk]

Tomorrow, I’m planning an art focused nature walk in the forest. In pitching the idea, I resonated with some, but inadvertently isolated others, who find more comfort in science fact themed adventures.

I hope I make some meaningful connections tomorrow, both in myself and those I am teaching.

I’d really love to help shed the idea that art and science are separate, but, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Totally an intentionally good example. It took artisans, architects, engineers, and other amazing brains to put that together.


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